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How Invoice Factoring Benefits Trucking Companies

Running a trucking business has distinct challenges that aren’t always faced by other companies. They need access to cash fast to keep them on the road. You can’t wait weeks to get paid by your customers, you need to be able to buy fuel now. That’s why factoring services work well for the trucking industry. Continue reading “How Invoice Factoring Benefits Trucking Companies”

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Choosing a Factoring Company for International Trading

There are plenty of factoring companies in Alpharetta that are targeted towards businesses like yours, which may be seeking for a modern financing alternative that will help them convert their soon-to-be-collected fees into cash. Factoring companies exist to cover these credit demands; these financial or credit institutions carry out accounts receivable financing programs and make loans to organizations that sell their accounts receivable at small discounts for short-term cash. Continue reading “Choosing a Factoring Company for International Trading”

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Why Invoice Factoring Is a Good Option

Getting financing for your small business can be a tough process. There may be several avenues you can potentially go to in order to secure some degree of funding. However, for most small businesses, invoice factoring is the best option available. The following will help to explain why and also give an in-depth analysis on how invoice factoring can work for your business. Invoice Factoring can be a major help to small businesses that deal with clients who make slow payments. It makes invoice payments available for them to use instantly which can be a crucial factor in the growth of a business. Continue reading “Why Invoice Factoring Is a Good Option”

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Back to Basics: What Is Invoice Factoring?

Invoice factoring is an important concept to understand for any business owner. It can be a game changer for your business and so it’s critical to have an awareness of what it can do. Utilizing invoice factoring can help a stalling business survive and grow much faster. If you’re a business owner who doesn’t fully understand the implications of invoice factoring, this article will give you a refresher course on the basics so that you can potentially give more life to your business. Continue reading “Back to Basics: What Is Invoice Factoring?”


Quick Guide to the Role of a Factoring Broker

When asked what keeps them up at night, most small business owners will say cash flow. When asked what makes up their nightmares? The answer is making payroll, and balancing accounts receivable with accounts payable. Managing the inevitable ebb and flow of working capital in any business is not for the faint hearted.

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Tips on How to Find Funding for Your Small Business

Small businesses are critical to any local community with companies employing less than 20 employees accounting for over 89% of all firms in the USA. These businesses also help to keep money local and encourage economic growth in an area, so there are a lot of reasons to help to make them successful. Small business owners take a lot of pride in their accomplishments, too. They probably started their business to pursue a passion and give them more freedom to control their personal life but, unfortunately, it also takes a lot of hard work and enterprise to start up and to maintain. If you have recently started a new business, you probably have a few funding options available but whatever route you pick, you will need some capital to get started and keep going.

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Trucking Company: How Freight Bill Factoring Can Help You

The business model of a trucking company is not only straightforward, but one that will likely always be in demand.  Goods will always need to be shipped, and there a lot of roads to cover.  The reality is that the cash flow and financing does not work the same way as it does in many other industries, often requiring outside help to make ends meet faster.  That’s why seeking help from trucking factoring companies can help your business run more smoothly.

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How to Maximize Your Working Capital

Startups and young businesses face the mammoth challenge of raising working capital. Many organizations don’t have the necessary funds or cash flow to maintain operations in their first year. 21% of all new businesses fail within the first year, rising to over 51% in the first 5 years. Sometimes business owners are under the impression that they have enough capital on hand to float them through the first year, but unexpected expenses and customer payment delays can arise. 29% of failed businesses simply ran out of cash, with 82% admitting they experienced cash flow problems while they were trading. Securing the right working capital funding for your business can help you avoid failure and put to on the path to success.

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Using Invoice Factoring to Finance Startups

Managing and financing a business startup isn’t easy. After you get your business loan approved and set up shop, the hardest part is staying afloat. Most businesses default in their first year due to a lack of available funds. Most owners don’t realize that there are other options to help finance their startups. Eagle Business Credit specializes in helping businesses get the cash flow they need through invoice factoring. Here are just a few ways you can use factoring services to help finance your startup.    Continue reading “Using Invoice Factoring to Finance Startups”