How a Factoring Company Can Help You with Slow-Paying Clients

While offering payment plans or extended credit terms to your clients is a great way to draw in business, slow-paying clients can bring your company to a standstill if not handled carefully. What’s the best way to handle this type of client? Keep reading to learn more from the financial experts at Eagle Business Credit. Continue reading “How a Factoring Company Can Help You with Slow-Paying Clients”

How Factoring Can Improve Your Cash Flow

Cash flow is vital to keeping your business moving. If you run out of working capital, you can’t maintain your inventories and other expenses, and that can result in lost sales and customers. Cash flow can be especially difficult for businesses with slow paying customers. Factoring your invoices is a great way to keep cash moving in your company. It works by having a 3rd party company purchase your open invoices and then they collect the money from your customers for you. This arrangement gives you the cash you need when you need it the most and frees you up from having to manage your accounts receivable, enabling you to generate more business. Here are some of the other benefits of factoring services: Continue reading “How Factoring Can Improve Your Cash Flow”

Managing funds

3 Strategies of Working Capital Financing

One of the biggest challenges for new and growing companies is managing their working capital. Businesses with slow paying customers can struggle to build enough working capital to build assets as the company grows. One method to help with this issue is through working capital financing. This financing gives you the cash you need to keep things moving while you wait for outstanding invoices to be paid. There are three different styles of working capital management, let’s look at them now: Continue reading “3 Strategies of Working Capital Financing”


A Guide to Factoring Invoices

One of the biggest challenges for many businesses is managing cash flow. This is especially true if your company has slow paying invoices. Waiting for your clients’ payments to come in can make it difficult to pay your bills and invest in expanding your company. One solution to this problem is invoice factoring. A factoring company will purchase your invoices and pay you an advance, usually around 80% of the total due, and then pay the rest once payment is received for the invoices. They will then deal with your clients and make sure payment is received. This frees up your working capital and allows you to run your business as you see fit. Continue reading “A Guide to Factoring Invoices”


What Are the Benefits of Trucking Factoring?


Trucking can be a lucrative business, but it’s not for the faint of heart. Keeping the cash flow consistent, managing profit margins, and navigating the costs of truck repairs and fuel prices can be challenging for any small business owner. If you’re a trucking-business owner and you’re contemplating trucking loans in Austell, GA, here are few reasons to consider trucking factoring. Continue reading “What Are the Benefits of Trucking Factoring?”


Everything You Need to Know about Factoring Companies

What is invoice factoring and how does it help you? Where you can you find factoring companies in Kennesaw, GA? There are many ways in which your business can grow and develop with their assistance. Here are some details about what these companies do, why they can help businesses, and some particulars about working with a factoring service near you:

Continue reading “Everything You Need to Know about Factoring Companies”