invoice factoring for staffing companies

Invoice Factoring for Staffing Companies

Staffing factoring is crucial to a staffing company’s balance sheet. Payment terms with clients mean a gap in available working capital for staffing businesses. Your employees need to be paid on time, but you are waiting for your clients to pay. Here is where invoice factoring for staffing companies can offer a working capital financing solution.

Staffing Factoring

You place an employee at a company. They require a paycheck at the end of the pay period, but your business doesn’t have the capital to meet payroll without your client paying you first. Yikes. Avoid this scenario through accounts receivable financing. Meet all the costs of a staffing business with improved cash flow that grows with your business.

Payroll Funding

Invoice factoring services are perfect for payroll funding. Missing payroll can open your company up to lawsuits, lowered employee morale, or even fewer employees. When employees are paid in full and on-time, they perform better. Financial insecurity can cause a wealth of issues in personal lives that seep into professional performance. Selling open invoices to a factoring company for payroll funding is a simple, straightforward and flexible funding solution.

Staffing Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring ensures your staffing company will grow. Focus on the operations and forget the stress of cash flow and receivables management. Staffing factoring is set up to streamline the business financing process for staffing companies. Payroll is crucial to a staffing operation, and immediate payment on your staffing contracts is possible with invoice factoring. Not only can your staffing company cover overhead costs, but your business can expand in personnel and industry as well. Click here for more information on staffing factoring.

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