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FinTech versus FinTouch

FinTech, or technology across financial services, has turned the lending space on its head. Online lending companies within the FinTech category are growing in popularity. With this popularity comes industry disruption. But where does factoring fit in the discussion of FinTech and industry disruption? At Eagle…

is fundbox expensive

Are Online Lenders Your Best Option?

We see many clients that previously borrowed capital from large online commercial lenders like Fundbox. The ease of the process–when it works–is a major draw for business owners. Getting funds deposited in your bank account the next day after just clicking a button sounds magical. If…

online business loans

Online Business Loans

According to the SBA, business owners borrow $600 billion each year. Advancements in technology and the 2008 Recession causing large banks to extend less capital to entrepreneurs has led to a rise in the market share of online lenders. These online loans are positioned as quick…

COJ ban

Proposed Ban on Confessions of Judgment

We have already talked at length about protecting your small business from predatory lending practices. We have even vlogged about confessions of judgment requirements in predatory lending agreements. Now, there is movement on the legislative front in New York for preventing COJ requirements from merchant cash…

finding money for your business quickly

How to Find Money Quickly For Your Business

A traditional bank loan, a second mortgage, and a Small Business Administration loan are all great financing options for your new or existing business. The catch is the high standards for approval, personal liability, and the time it takes from application to first funding. What can…

Protecting Businesses From Exploitative Lending Practices

Your small business growth relies on available cash. You understand this. Lenders understand this, and some lenders aim to take advantage of this. Lending practices with unfair repayment terms, disproportional interest rates, and high advances can not only ruin your business but also your personal financials.…

how to choose the right factoring broker

How to Choose the Right Factoring Company: 4 Things to Consider

Invoice factoring is a type of accounts receivable financing that converts outstanding invoices due within 90 days into immediate cash for your business to utilize right away. How to choose the right factoring company Here are some important things to consider when selecting an accounts receivable…

importance of working capital management

What Is a Working Capital Line of Credit?

Business owners encounter their share of challenges on the way to success and profitability. The excitement of the grand opening gives way to the reality of day-to-day operation and the expenditures that accompany it. Want to Share This?