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Answer: Factoring is the sale and purchase of accounts receivable (invoices) for immediate cash. The typical advance rate is 80% but can be higher for certain industries.
Answer: It will usually take 48 hours to get your first funding set up. We understand your needs and have a process in place to get you started quickly, allowing you to continue to grow your business and soa More...
Answer: You set up an account with us, then you go out and perform your service or deliver your product or goods. Once you have completed your sale or service, you create your invoice as normal and send it t More...
Answer: No you can factor what you want as we are not here to require you to factor your customers that already pay you in a timely manner.
Answer: Yes! We offer our services to new and existing companies.
Answer: NO! Factoring is not a loan therefore it will not show up on your company balance sheet, nor will it show up on credit reporting agencies.
Answer: NO! We base the majority of our decision on the credit of your customers rather than your personal credit or your company credit profile.
Answer: We will check the credit of your customers for the benefit of your company and Eagle Business Credit. We want to do our best to ensure that you are dealing with customers who will pay.
Answer: We have the best online services in the industry and you will have complimentary 24/7 online access to your account. You will be able to see copies of your customers checks that we have received and More...
Answer: Simply call us at (855) 420-8318 or complete the online application on the "Contact us" page of this website and provide the requested documents. You'll be glad you did!

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