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At Eagle Business Credit, we believe in a better way for financing your business. We help bridge the gap between what you’ve earned and what you’re owed. Whether it’s dealing with day to day expenses or finding a way to finance your business’ upcoming expansion plans, our team can implement expert financial solutions to help. Here are some of the services that we are proud to offer you:

Receivables Funding:

Another name for receivables funding is factoring, or invoice factoring. Through receivables funding, you can sell your accounts receivables to us in order to help finance your immediate business cashflow needs.


When it comes to businesses in the manufacturing industry, Eagle Business Credit can provide the financial support to help businesses grow in productivity and sustainability.

Export Receivables:

If you have overseas customers you’ll already be familiar with the complexity and risks involved in dealing with The useyour of export receivables. in running a business is common. It’s the coordination of the purchase order, creditfunding, management, and collection of accounts receivable often in a foreign language and different time zone. This is a system that we know how to navigate well, and we can help you through it.


The trucking and transportation industry needs a little help sometimesTruckers face a constant need for cash to keep rolling, and theyneed additional services such as fuel cards, help in finding new loadsin those financially despairing times o and help with insurance. Our team can help provide the specialized services and financing you need.


We offer financial solutions for staffing for short-term, long-term, and permanent solutions that a variety of businesses are facing.


The apparel and fashion industry Apparel companies can oftensometimes experiences financial struggles. We offer plans and solutions to help you make sure that your goods stay on the racks and you still keep turning a profit.

International Trading:

Overseas selling and buying can be more sustainable with the proper financial and staffing solutions in place—and we can help.

Getting Access to Funds:

We provide invoices through oura great online service and that, once approved,get you are funded within 24 hours. That means getting the money you need, fast!

Late Payments:

If you have outstanding payments, you can let our team collect while you keep your sights set on business operations instead. We help make sure that you aren’t chasing down money that customers owe.

Start Up:

If you’re trying to get your feet on the ground as a business and you are looking for a funding partner to do it, then you can choose us for reliable financing options!

Purchase Order Finance:

We offer funding through purchase order financing, helping your business to finance specific deals or projects in the short term that benefit your long term goals.

Selective Factoring:

You may have instances where you want to use factoring with specific clientscustomers, but not with others. We can tailor our factoring services to be set up for those situations where you really need it.

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