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How Are Supply Chain Disruptions Affecting Truckers?

How are supply chain issues affecting transportation? Drivers have a positive outlook at the moment. Overall, shipping delays and port backups are creating good opportunities for freight haulers. Job openings for truckers continue to rise as demand for drivers outpaces the supply. Here is how supply…

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Best Invoicing Practices for Trucking Companies

Trucking companies have to stay extremely organized to keep their drivers busy and ensure everything gets delivered on time. Following the right billing procedures is vital in order to get paid on time. When you follow these best trucking invoicing practices below, you can improve your…

Trucking Companies: Get More Than Just Cash From Freight Factoring

Trucking Companies: Freight Factoring for Cash and Collections

In these changing economic times, it is essential to collect on your freight bills fast and truckers cannot wait for weeks or months to collect on their loads. That’s why Freight Factoring works for owner-operators and small-to-mid-sized trucking companies to help them deal with operating costs…