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Small Business Funding After PPP Loans

PPP funding helped a lot of small business owners keep their companies afloat. If you already used your PPP money or you never got a PPP Loan in the first place, you may be wondering what your next step in business financing is. This is where…


Is an MCA or Merchant Cash Advance a Flexible Funding Tool?

Are merchant cash advances a flexible funding option for your business? Many people have been able to take advantage of them. Some of their benefits include the ease of access, the speed of funding, and the upfront capital provided. Is an MCA the right financing choice…

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Flexible Funding Options for Small Businesses

Hi and welcome to The Money Factor. On today’s show we are going to be talking about flexible business funding options and whether you as a business owner are looking at the right solution for your business. Can You Get Financing After a Drop in Revenue?…