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Startup Business Financing

Start up businesses will have their own unique challenges in finding business financing. Many companies get their start during recessions, but how do you prevent your startup business from joining the 25% that fail in their first year? You focus on strengthening cash flow. Bank loans…

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Business Essentials: Managing Rapid Business Growth

This is Part 2 of a Business Essentials Series: Part 1 Being the owner of a small business means you have some experience with rapid business growth. One day it’s business as usual, and the next it’s wondering how to fulfill a massive purchase order for a…

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The 6 Steps to Setting Up A Business

You’ve decided to start a business. This is exciting! You have a few names bouncing around in your head and a product that you can’t wait to share with the market. Now it’s time to slow down and make this vision a reality, and a profitable…