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PPP loan program small business funding

Small Business Funding After PPP Loans

PPP funding helped a lot of small business owners keep their companies afloat. If you already used your PPP money or you never got a PPP Loan in the first place, you may be wondering what your next step in business financing is. This is where…

cash flow management and ppp loans

Cash Flow Management and PPP Loans

In this episode of #TheMoneyFactor, CEO Ian Varley has on guest Steve Nevin to discuss managing small business cash flow and how PPP Loans affect cash flow management. Below is a transcript of the video: Welcome to The Money Factor. Today we’re going to be talking…

PPP loan program small business funding

Small Business PPP Loans Made Easier with Factoring

Small businesses are applying for PPP Loans, and they can still get factoring. In fact, it’s easier. There have been new rules with the Paycheck Protection Program, and there is a second draw of PPP loans available to business owners. We encourage businesses that need the…