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working capital management

What is Working Capital?

Working capital is the lifeblood of small businesses. You may be making sales and growing revenue, but how does that translate into profit? This is where your working capital and ability to grow without cash flow problems can translate to profit. Having more liabilities than assets…

working capital loans for small business

What Are Working Capital Loans?

What are working capital loans for your business? Every business, small, medium, or large needs working capital. It is the finance fuel that helps you maintain and grow your business. Working capital covers your payroll and all your business expenses, whether it is a line of credit or a different…

components of working capital

Various Components of Working Capital

Business owners are concerned about their bottom line. Naturally, they are looking to generate a profit on their income statement. However, to stay in business in the long term, companies must also weather short-term cash fluctuations. This requires sufficient working capital to stay solvent throughout the…