#TheMoneyFactor Episode 006 – Your online presence, social media and website. How does it affect your money?

#TheMoneyFactor Episode 006 – Your online presence, social media and website. How does it affect your money?


Welcome to #TheMoneyFactor. I am Ian Varley… today we’re going to be talking about online presence, social media, your website and how it affects your money. That’s today on  TheMoneyFactor. Welcome to #TheMoneyFactor I am Ian Varley.. got some great questions coming in online from everybody, thank you so much for sending them in. You can find us at  TheMoneyFactor where we talk about all things related to business, your money and how to help small businesses grow. Let’s take that first question. I have a small manufacturing company, do I  need a website? You absolutely need a website. Nowadays if you make anything or provide any kind of service you have to have a digital shop window that’s a website. And it’s really not difficult to obtain. You can get somebody to do it for you. Just google it there are thousands of firms that you will find or you can try and do it yourself. GoDaddy.com, Wix.com… word of caution on those if  you’re really not into technology you might struggle with it or you might produce something that maybe isn’t the best quality. And your customers are going to judge you by that first home page that they land on. So it’s worth spending some money and getting somebody to help you with it and play with it. Come up with different ideas… how do you want to promote your products. If you  don’t have an online presence people aren’t gonna find you these days. They’re going to Google everything. Leading on from that, you want to have some reviews. So once you have an online presence established you want to ask some customers – hey would you mind going and posting a review on google for me? And you can give them a link to do it. It’s real easy to do that. A lot of people are going to really look at your business, of the quality of the feedback. that people are giving on you, and that’s Google reviews. Even if it’s a bad review and you’ve responded and answered that customers complaint. That actually is a positive review. You’ve turned it around.



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