Eagle Business Credit Serves Businesses in the Janitorial Industry

Janitorial services provide labor upfront and wait 30 to 60 to 90 days to get paid. Waiting on invoice payments can strain your company’s cash flow. It can be challenging to take on more clients or larger clients when you have to meet payroll and maintenance expenses well before collecting payment for your services. Eagle Business Credit understands the needs of janitorial companies and offers a solution with their specialist janitorial industry invoice factoring program, janiCASH. Sell your receivables and get immediate payment for your work.

janicash specialist factoring program for janitorial companies

Benefits For a Factoring Janitorial Company:

  • Payroll funding
  • Take on larger clients
  • Grow your staff
  • Free 24/7 Online Access, including credit checks
  • Flexible financing


Working Capital Funding Strategies For Your Janitorial Company

The janitorial services industry has a need for specialized funding. With contracts reliant on upfront costs like payroll, workers’ comp, and cleaning materials, working capital can easily get tied up. Our invoice factoring services keeps your company growing. Stop waiting to get paid. Eagle Business Credit offers your janitorial company a custom and flexible funding solution.

A Simple Explanation of How Factoring Works