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Eagle Business Credit Offers Purchase Order Financing

When your business has an order to fill but not enough available working capital to cover supplies, that means having to turn down that order. Besides losing out on revenue, it may damage your business reputation. Instead, we offer Purchase Order Financing. PO Financing provides payment to your vendors so your business can fulfill new orders for your customers. It is not a loan, so the funding is debt-free and straightforward.

purchase order financingBenefits of Purchase Order Funding:

  • Immediate cash to fulfill orders
  • Take on new orders
  • Take on larger orders
  • Paperwork support
  • Maintain a stellar business reputation
  • Debt-free 



How Eagle Business Credit Provides Purchase Order Funding

Purchase Order funding from Eagle Business Credit

This assumes vendor requires wire payment at point of shipment. Letter of Credit option available if required.

Once goods have been received by the customer, the purchase order funding line is then paid off by a factoring line.


Purchase Order Funding Strategies For Your Business

Our Purchase Order Financing works with our Invoice Factoring Services to give your business the cash needed to grow. It is easier to qualify with a purchase order finance company for funding than it is for a bank loan. There is no great credit score or time in business required. PO Financing works with startup businesses and growing businesses to give the funding needed to keep growing and selling their goods. If your company has a lack of available working capital, PO Funding can be a great working capital funding strategy.


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