Selective Factoring

Eagle Business Credit Offers Selective Factoring

If some customers pay on time, every time, you don't need to factor them. We understand our clients have different needs with different customers, so we offer Selective Factoring. This means you can choose which of your customers you would like to factor. Late-paying customers can strain your cash flow. Often, companies choose to selectively factor customers with large invoice amounts to quickly inject cash into their business. Invoice Factoring can provide immediate payment to your business for your open invoices. Once you sell your receivables, you can continue to grow and sell. We offer your business a flexibile funding solution, and you can retain control over your business and your business funding. You only have to sell the accounts receivable you want to sell.

business loansBenefits of Invoice Factoring Services:

  • Immediate cash
  • Flexible funding
  • Grow your staff
  • Grow your services
  • Control over your financing
  • Debt-free 


Selective Working Capital Funding Strategies For Your Business

Invoice factoring services are beneficial for new businesses or growing businesses. In many cases, growing businesses are limited by their cash flow. Selective Factoring can improve your company's cash flow and maintain the control you have over your financing. We pride ourselves in offering quick, simple funding solutions. Late-paying customers can cause business owners stress. Selective Factoring can mitigate that stress and be a great alternative financing solution.

business loansWhy Eagle?

We make business invoice factoring simple. Our experienced staff, 24/7 access to your online account, low fees, and total transparency make running your business that much easier. We work with companies across all sorts of industries to help them grow their clients, hire more employees, and expand their services. Don’t let some of your outstanding invoices stall your business growth. Eagle Business Credit offers flexible financing and selective factoring to best fit your unique company’s needs. 



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