Our team

A company is nothing without great employees. Meet our amazing team, who we are very proud of. Our professional staff is always available to service your needs.
All the staff at Eagle Business Credit love helping their clients to be successful and you will always be able to speak to somebody that you know. We take a true partnership approach with our clients, learning their business and providing them with top notch service that meets their needs. Hearing and listening to what our clients need and consistently delivering on it builds strong trust and satisfied customer relationships.
Ian Varley, CEO, Eagle Business Credit

Ian Varley


Ian started Eagle with over 25 years experience in financing receivables and other asset based loan of small and medium sized businesses behind him.

Working capital funding is a way of life for him and his can-do approach when crafting a facility for his clients has kept thousands of companies in business and helped them grow. He is passionate about helping small business in America and believes that discount factoring and financing receivables is the simplest way a business can fund itself.

“Why should anybody wait to get paid? Let a factoring company like Eagle Business Credit pay you the money you need as soon as you have issued your invoice and take that worry away. Other factoring services we provide such as credit checking and collections add way more value than just financing receivables and come free as part of the standard agreement enabling you to do what you need to do; get more business. The factoring services offered by Eagle Business Credit are more in line with a working capital line of credit. The line grows as you grow and you are free to use the money you get from us any way you want to.” Ian has been able to use the knowledge built up from starting several offices and regions for other factoring companies.

“I understand our clients better now because I am a business owner like them. It’s hard to survive out there. Over 50% of all new businesses fail with the first 5 years, with most closing due to cashflow issues. Don’t become one of these statistics when there is a very simple solution right in front of you.”



Angela Reece - Operation's Head

Angela Reece

Head of Operations

During her time in this industry she has performed various roles such as a Collateral Analyst, Account Executive, Portfolio Manager, Underwriter, Operations Manager and now Head of Operations. Working in all of these roles has provided her with great insight and the ability manage people in order to best service our clients.

“My expansive knowledge and experiences in the industry enables me the ability to help our clients out of difficult situations and offer solutions that will help their businesses grow.”

Kris Varley - Head of Marketing & Strategy

Kris Varley

Head of Marketing & Strategy

Kris joined Eagle in 2017 with over 25 years in working capital funding. She has worn many different hats within the industry over the years including account management, risk, audit, IT & change management, marketing and head of a factoring division. Her varied roles have helped her understand the real needs of the small business owner.

“I have seen many mistakes made and truly believe a factoring service is the solution that even larger, established businesses should elect to keep once they are able to obtain bank financing due to the other added benefits such as receivables servicing.”

Carolyn McClure

Business Development Officer

Carolyn joined the Eagle team with over 20 years of experience helping small to medium sized companies obtain working capital. She is an expert on the marketplace, the competition and Eagle’s financing options.

"Despite my 20 years of experience helping small to medium sized companies obtain working capital, I am still constantly researching and learning about new products and techniques. I am a firm believer in providing client relationships that create a win-win situation for both parties. If we cannot help a client then we can refer them to someone who can."


Kelly Elson

Business Development Associate

Kelly joined us straight from college and quickly became an important part of our sales and marketing team. Her organizational skills keep us all on track and she has a talent for creating fabulous content.

"What I enjoy most about working for Eagle is the feeling at the end of the day; knowing you've put good out into the world. My time spent working is towards the positive goal of helping small business owners expand their companies. It's truely special to see what our services can do and watching the team behind those services in action."


Senior Account Manager

Michael George

Senior Account Manager

Michael has been servicing clients for several years and Eagle was lucky to have him join from a local competitor. He enjoys being involved in many different industries and takes pride in being able to get to know his clients personally.

“It is a good feeling to be able to help companies of all sizes with their cash flow, and be a fundamental asset to their healthy growth as well as develop good relationships with them.”

Justin Hartman

Business Development Associate

Justin is our transportation pro! We were lucky enough to add Justin and all his transportation expertise to the team. He loves forming lasting relationships with carriers in order to best fit their trucking needs.

“Every truck driver I come in contact with just wants to be treated fairly and have a good rapport with their factoring company.  I believe in having a great relationship with our carriers and on a first name basis.”


Windell Rich

Business Development Associate

Windell is our go-to finance guy. Nothing gets by him when it comes to understanding the unique needs of a business owner. Whether you need financing to support rapid business growth or financing to support declining revenue, Windell will find the right facility to help.

“Working at Eagle Business Credit allows me to help small to medium size business owners with an all too familiar problem, cash flow. Regardless of industry or time in business, we are able to help business owners with the other familiar problem, stress. At Eagle we just don’t provide the solution, we service the solution as well.”


Dan Schlesner

Dan Schlesner

Collateral Analyst

Dan joined us from college and is quickly learning the factoring industry and its quirks. The best part of the job for him is interacting with our clients and providing the best possible customer service he can.

“The reason I love working at Eagle Business Credit is because every day there are different challenges that make working here fun and interesting!” He is right about this for sure. No two days are ever the same, keeping all of us on our toes.

Collateral Analyst

Allie Todd

Collateral Analyst

Allie joined Eagle in a part-time administrative role in 2015 while she was still at college. She has managed all types of factoring clients but her current focus is assisting our transportation clients with their everyday freight bill factoring needs. Allie prides herself on building relationships with all her clients in order to help their trucking and transportation businesses succeed.

“I’ve seen all sizes of trucking companies, with one truck or twenty, be effected tremendously by cash flow concerns and bad brokers. Our mission is to keep our clients on the road so their companies can continue to grow and we do everything we can possibly do to make this happen.”

Mark Travis

Collateral Analyst

Whether you need to crunch the numbers or ask about the credit risk of your customers, Mark is there to keep your business running smoothly! Mark provides exceptional support and service to brokers and carriers alike.

"Being new to the factoring world I love seeing how we can help be the problem solver for the most different brokers.  Every day brings a new challenge to me and I look forward to being the bridge between the carrier starting to the carrier growing."


Business Development  Associate

Nicole Wolfson

Business Development Associate

Nicole is no stranger to working with business owners to get things done. She brings relentless energy into not only helping businesses secure funding, but providing the real workable solutions that is needed.

“At Eagle we truly understand the obstacles to growth that business owners experience. We take the time listen to our client’s ideas andreally get to know their specific needs. Factoring is such a powerful cash flow solution that works so well for most businesses”

Lisette Jimenez

Collateral Analyst

Lisette is the embodiment of “service with a smile.” No matter what problem you present to her, she will find a solution that bring success. Customer service has never been so friendly, and you can’t help but feel good when you’re hanging up the phone.

“Knowing that I am a part of something that helps small businesses grow is exciting. The team at Eagle is very helpful and always willing to assist, and I am eager to bring my bilingual asset to the table and help business owners achieve their goals!”