Austell Business Receivable Factoring

Eagle Business Credit is your factoring broker, lender, and business development assistant for all of your company's needs. We're one of the best business receivable factoring companies that serves Austell, GA, because we understand the local concerns small business owners face.

Small businesses have individual, unique needs that larger or more established companies don't have, including high competition, bullying business practices from large chains, and a lack of financial assistance from hefty investors. Small businesses, often the backbone of American cities large and small, are often overlooked. But your needs are precise and intense. If your invoices aren't paid on time or if you face an unexpected financial concern - for instance, the need for building repairs or to replace logistics vehicles - you don't have a safety net. Until now, that is. At Eagle Business Credit, we understand that your specific scale has its own set of issues that need immediate resolution in order to gain footing and grow against your competition.

We offer working capital loans for small business needs and goals. And unlike banks, we're actually concerned with your success. Banks only care about your success insofar as they can expect loan repayments. However, we want to see your business grow and can offer you the assistance to do so. That's why we can help you with trucking loans and other logistical needs, as well as export financing and many other financial needs you may have. Our staff of trained business professionals knows that small roadblocks to success, like late accounts receivable payments, can derail a small company.

This is true of small business startups, for which many individuals often rely on their own capital for success. When you're a new company and the idea of stability seems difficult, much less the ideas of success or annual growth, turn to an experienced company that's attuned to your funding needs.

We offer a wide variety of financing solutions for small businesses and startups and, unlike other financial assistance you may pursue or other factoring companies in Austell, GA, we personalize our services for your business' scale, needs, financial roadblocks, staffing issues, growth hindrances, and more.

So, if you need:

  • Working capital in order to invest in growth
  • Freight factoring to help your company with its delivery and pickup needs
  • A factoring service to assist with accounts receivable issues
  • Manufacturing industry assistance
  • Assistance with trading locally or internationally
  • Staffing to suit your company's growth needs and responsibilities

We can assist you at the scale that you need. Our overall goal is to assist you with your company's needs and help you grow.

Why do we do this?

Because we believe that small businesses with commitment to succeed can achieve their goals with the proper assistance.

So how can we help you?

Apply online or, better yet, give us a call, and find out what financial services you need and qualify for. We offer fast approval and outstanding customer service. You will see for yourself how our far-reaching services will help a troubled business recover or help a successful small business grow into a medium-sized company.