Factoring Services - Green Bay, WI

Factoring Services you can trust in Green Bay, WI

Whether you operate a local business in Green Bay, WI, a coast-to-coast U.S. business, or an international one, you know how important it is to have the funds available not only for day-to-day operational costs but for growth. If you’re seeking working capital loans for small business, consider factoring. Invoice factoring companies like Eagle Business Credit offer a variety of factoring options for financing receivables and turning those assets into cash.


Here’s how invoice factoring works: You deliver your products or services to your customers, and send out the invoices -- one copy to your customer, and one copy to us. Within hours of receiving your invoice, we advance up to 97% of the invoice’s face value to you. There are no hidden fees, no long waiting intervals waiting for your funding to arrive after approval, and no difficult credit-approval process.

Staffing Factoring Services

Your receivables are assets, and factoring is like an asset-based loan. But unlike traditional business loan companies, we don’t use stringent credit requirements to provide you financial solutions and working capital funding. We are a factoring company. Invoice factoring, also known as discount factoring, provides immediate funding based upon your open invoice assets with flexible terms that meet the needs of your unique business setup.

Staffing factoring is just one of the receivables servicing we provide. We convert your unpaid invoices into the working capital you need to make payroll, increase your staff, or pay your taxes on time.

Export Factoring

Businesses dealing with international customers may face additional challenges that can be solved through contract factoring. Export factoring financing for your foreign accounts, along with collection services and credit protection. You’ll receive working capital based on your outstanding accounts receivable. Export financing, like working capital loans, provides the funding you need to continue doing business, but without the tough guidelines required by traditional loan sources.

Transportation Factoring

For those businesses dealing with the day-to-day demands of cross-country commerce, traditional trucking loans are not always an option. You need ongoing cash to keep you on the road. Trucking and freight factoring companies are often a better option, due to the flexibility of their terms and the ease of their application process. Eagle Business Credit has a dedicated trucking factoring company, “Cashway Funding.” Not only can we provide fuel cards and insurance discounts, we offer full-service receivables management and collections. You get paid immediately for the loads you deliver, rather than waiting on brokers and shippers to complete their own processes for payment before paying you.