Grow Your Business with Working Capital from Eagle Business Credit

Grow Your Business with Working Capital from Eagle Business Credit

It takes money to make money. This adage is as true today as it has been since the beginning of…well, money. Eagle Business Credit (EBC) understands this and has made it their business to help small business owners get the money they need to survive, expand and be profitable. Working capital loans for small business can be difficult to obtain from banks and other lending institutions and the process is costly in time and effort, but getting an asset-based loan from EBC is just the opposite: simple and fast. When you sign up for our factoring service, you can have cash in as little as 48 hours with little paperwork, no credit check, and no hidden extra fees.

Our process is straightforward:

  • Set up an account with us. With just a simple phone call, we can collect your information and start the approval process.
  • Go out and perform your service or deliver your product and create your invoice as normal.
  • Send the invoice to us for an immediate cash advance.
  • Build your business while we collect the payment on your behalf.

Within this basic framework, EBC can help your business in a variety of different ways. Factoring financial receivables can take many different forms. For example, if you are in the staffing business, factoring your invoices will help you cover the significant lag between the time of placement and the time you can collect your fee. If your business is international, export financing puts the cash in your hands and leaves the complicated foreign collection transactions to us. Trucking loans from EBC make it possible for you to receive payment immediately upon delivery rather than waiting for the standard invoice and collection cycle to complete. Whatever your business, the general idea is the same: you do what you do best and leave the collection to us.

Eagle Business Credit is a leader in small business financing. Our team of financial professionals is dedicated to providing each and every client with the best financing solutions available and we will do whatever it takes to meet your needs and help you succeed. Our specialty is small businesses, (funding needs of up to $1M) and startups in the Macon, GA, area. Call today to get started. When you partner with Eagle Business Credit, your business can soar.