Factoring Company - Madison, WI

Working Capital Funding: Get cash for your business in Madison, WI

Businesses, especially new ones, seek out working capital loans as a means to provide funds to meet the financial demands resulting from rapid growth. The problem is, traditional working capital loans for small business have a variety of stipulations and credit parameters that are tough to meet for those companies who are just beginning to establish themselves within their industries. Eagle Business Credit offers contract factoring services as a financing solution to provide the working capital funding you need to grow your business.

Flexible, Unique Invoice Factoring Services

If you’re seeking a flexible way to finance your business in Madison, WI or the surrounding area, consider invoice factoringas a means to generate the capital you need to pay for daily operating costs, meet payroll obligations, pay for additional inventory to meet customer demand, or to pay for the new or upgraded equipment you need to increase production.

Eagle Business Credit is a factoring company, and its invoice factoring offices are located across the U.S. We provide a variety of funding services that allow you to boost your cash flow, and grow your business.

  • Invoice factoring, also known as financing receivables or discount factoring, provides you with a working capital line of credit based upon your outstanding receivables. The application process is free, and does not adhere to the strict guidelines or long waiting periods associated with traditional business loans.
  • Staffing factoring takes the pressure off meeting weekly payroll obligations during those times when you don’t receive payment on your invoices for 30 to 60 days. We advance you money based upon your customerstrength and your outstanding invoices, usually within 24 hours.
  • Export financing combines export working capital with financing, accounts receivable collection, and credit protection in foreign markets. We provide local collection agents to manage your foreign accounts not only to ensure collection and to ensure you have the credit to maintain your business.
  • Trucking and freight factoring companies provide the capital needed to meet the daily operational demands on small and medium-sized trucking companies and individual owner-operators. Traditional trucking loans may not be an option for some trucking companies. However, trucking factoring provides fuel cards, insurance discounts, and receivables servicing to ensure you have the working capital needed to meet your contractual obligations and increase your growth potential.

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