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Small businesses rely on strong cash flow to achieve growth. This cash flow can be strained when working capital is tied up in accounts receivable. You could be making sales, but you don't see the money from those sales for one to two months. This is where an invoice factoring company in Ohio like Eagle Business Credit can offer your business immediate payment on your open receivables. In short, you are selling your invoices to a factoring company. The factoring company takes on the risk of customer non-payment, and your business has the cash it needs in hand to make more sales and fulfill more orders. Accounts receivable funding improves cash flow without adding debt. The money is yours, so there is no repayment to make.

"Eagle really has been a business-saving opportunity for us. Without them we would have been done shortly after our expansion started. Myself and my employees thank you, Eagle."

-Robert S, Ohio

How Factoring Works


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How can business invoice factoring help your Ohio business?

Stop waiting on the collection of open invoices. We provide immediate payment for your outstanding invoices, so your business can keep selling and growing. Our invoice factoring services improve your cash flow, so you can meet payroll, overhead, and pay your suppliers in a timely manner. We work to understand your specific cash flow needs so we can provide you the best working capital funding strategy. Growing your business is what you do. Financing receivables is what we do. 

The Buckeye State

If the state of Ohio was separate from the United States, it would have the 21st largest economy in the world. The Buckeye State is the largest producer of plastics and rubber in the nation, has the largest biosciences industry in its region, and is top ranked in the nation for green economic growth. Toledo is famous for its solar energy. Ohio, historically famous for its steel production, is still responsible for producing around 15% of American raw steel. Ohio is home to three Fortune 500 steel companies: AK Steel, Timken Company, and Worthington Industries. Including health care, over 1.4 million residents of Ohio are employed in the biosciences field. Agricultural biosciences yield the most revenue for Ohio’s economy.

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Core Industries:

  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Biosciences



Eagle Business Credit Offers Working Capital Funding Across Ohio!

Eagle Business Credit serves businesses across Ohio, including those in Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus. Cincinnati has one of the fastest growing economies in the Midwest. Cleveland sees a growing technology industry, and Columbus is recognized as a top city for startups and entrepreneurs according to Business.com.


A State to Start Your Business

Fifth Third Bank is the largest bank holding company in Ohio behind PNC. Fifth Third is headquartered in Cincinnati and operates over 1,000 branches nationally.

Goodyear Tire & Rubber is headquartered in Akron. In addition to its Ohio-based headquarters, Goodyear also has a research and development facility in Hebron. Goodyear is one of the largest tire companies in the world.

Sherwin-Williams, the paint and materials retail company, is headquartered in Cleveland. Sherwin-Williams is a Fortune 500 company that operates globally with over 4,000 stores. 

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