Our Services

Eagle Business Credit is proud to support American business, providing a wide range of solutions to help businesses succeed and grow.
As a business owner you need to be confident your lender understands your business and is able to reliably deliver on your needs. You need to know when you are going to get your money as you have bills and wages to pay. We have worked with thousands of clients and their customers over the years, giving us experience in many industry sectors, both domestically and internationally.
Eagle Business Credit Receivables Funding

Invoice Factoring

Financing receivables, also known as invoice factoring, boosts your cash flow by providing immediate working capital funding (= cash to your business) against the value of your open invoices. Don't wait 30, 60 or even 90 days for your customers to pay, let Eagle fund you in less than 24 hours! Why wait to get paid?

Eagle Business Credit Export Receivables

Export Funding

Our export funding service helps you develop your overseas business profitably and with confidence. With credit coverage and local collection agents you can be sure your export receivables are in good hands.

Eagle Business Credit Transportation


Our dedicated trucking factoring company "Cashway Funding" services small to medium trucking companies and owner operators with fuel cards, insurance discounts and full back office receivables servicing. Let us help you keep your transportation business driving forward by lightening your load and getting you paid today.

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Eagle Business Credit Staffing

Staffing Factoring

Whether you're handling short, long or permanent placements, our staffing factoring solution will be a great fit for you. Stop worrying about whether you will be able to make your weekly payroll commitments or pay taxes. Staffing receivables servicing gives you high advance rates to get the cash you need.

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Eagle Business Credit Apparel


We love fashion - see how Eagle's "tailor-made" factoring services are a perfect fit for your apparel business.

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Eagle Business Credit Manufacturing


Manufacturing output in the USA has more than doubled over the last 30 years and is the lifeblood of our economy. We work with many businesses that operate in the manufacturing sector and can offer several different receivables funding solutions to help your business survive and grow.

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Eagle Business Credit International Trading

International Trading

Whether you are selling to or buying from overseas companies you can trade with confidence using our credit coverage solutions and access to local correspondents in over 75 countries around the world.

Eagle Business Credit Getting Access to Funds

Getting Access to Funds

Eagle's factoring services gives you immediate working capital funding against your receivables. You submit your new invoices via our online service, we fund you within 24 hours. Why wait to get paid?

Eagle Business Credit Late Payments

Late Payments

Let us collect your outstanding invoices; you need to focus on getting new business! We're not a debt collection agency but we are really good at making sure your customers pay in a timely manner, freeing you up to build your business, not chase payments and worry about when you'll be paid! One of many additional factoring services you get for free as part of the service.

Eagle Business Credit Start Up

Start Up

Brand new businesses often struggle to find the cash they need in the early days. They resort to family, friends or even credit cards to get going. With Eagle we are there with you from the outset - make a sale, get the working capital funding you need!

Eagle Business Credit Purchase Order Finance

Purchase Order Finance

Does your supplier need cash up front before they will ship you product? No problem - call us and ask about our Purchase Order Funding solutions that work directly with our invoice factoring services

Eagle Business Credit Selective Factoring

Selective Factoring

If some of your customers pay you on time every time and you don't want to factor them, that's fine with us. Ask about our Selective Factoring product and choose which of your customers you want to get funded.